On My Tech Radar

On My Tech Radar

by RJ Jacquez

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Found More Tablet-optimized Apps on the Android Marketplace

March 6, 2011

Most criticism directed toward the Motorola Xoom has been about the lack of Tablet-optimized Apps. My Xoom arrived on Friday (2/25/11), immediately after the launch. Like most other Xoom owners, I’ve been visiting the Android Market place a couple times a day, hoping to find more Tablet-optimized apps, thus far to no avail.

To be fair, Google Released the Honeycomb SDK on February 22, so developers have only had a few weeks to work on their Tablet-optimized apps.

Having said that, today I crossed my fingers and tapped on the Market app and was pleasantly surprised to find two new apps I really like, USA TODAY for Tablet and TouchDown (an Exchange email app, not a Football app) for Tablets.

I have used USA TODAY on my iPad for a while and like it, so I’m excited to use it on my Motorola Xoom. I actually like the fact that the sections are always visible on the Xoom better than I do on the iPad, which requires extra taps to display them.

I have never used TouchDown for Android but after installing it and adding my Adobe Exchange email, I like it and it works great.

As I continue to learn more about my new Motorola Xoom, I find myself liking it more every day. I especially like the potential Honeycomb has for developers, because of widgets, notifications and other things like the higher screen resolution on the Xoom. All we need now is more Apps from the Android developer community, but we are off to a good start.


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