On My Tech Radar

On My Tech Radar

by RJ Jacquez

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A quick Review of Mobile Payments via Square

March 15, 2011

My wife, who designs and sells jewelry to friends and family is now a walking Etsy.com thanks to the Square card reader.

Being the Techie husband that I am, I signed her up for a Square Card Reader for her Droid 2 smartphone and sure enough, the small device arrived in about three days, with a simple card that reads “You are ready to accept credit cards.”

I then installed the Square Android app on her phone and through the www.squareup.com site, I linked the card reader to her bank account, which was later verified through a couple of small deposits.

These steps completed the setup and we were now able to test the device by charging one of my cards.

Accepting payments could not be easier and more well thought-out than this. You plug in the device into your headphone jack, enter the amount, swipe the card and even use the camera to take a picture of the item you are selling, have the buyer sign using their finger and the payment is complete.

Well almost. The buyer can also get a receipt via email, which in my opinion is a brilliant marketing move from Square, because the receipt includes among other things a Google map of where the transaction took place, a picture of the item if one was taken, and more importantly for Square, a simple link to sign up for one of these card reader, as illustrated here:


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