On My Tech Radar

On My Tech Radar

by RJ Jacquez

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Amazon Introduces Cloud Drive, Cloud Player for Web and for Android

March 29, 2011

The great thing about Technology is that there’s always something new and exciting to play with and blog about. This morning’s trending topic is that Amazon announced Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon Cloud Player for Web, and Amazon Cloud Player for Android.

The idea behind these new services is that instead of having your music trapped in iTunes or in Windows Media Player, your music is now in the Cloud and you can access it and play it from anywhere, including from your PCs, but also from your Android smartphones and Tablets. This also means that we no longer need to connect our mobile devices to iTunes (or Windows Media Player) for syncing up our music, the Amazon Cloud syncs your music automatically between all your devices, no cables required. This is a good move toward the Post-PC era.

iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad do not support these services, most likely because Apple sees them as competing technologies to iTunes and the iTunes Store.

You initial Amazon Cloud Drive is tied to your Amazon ID and password and starts out with 5 GB of Cloud Drive storage to upload your digital music library, plus those who purchase an Amazon MP3 album will be upgraded to 20 GB of Cloud Drive space. Furthermore, new Amazon MP3 purchases saved directly to Cloud Drive are stored for free and do not count against a customer’s storage quota.

To get started, I downloaded the Amazon MP3 Uploader, an Adobe AIR application, which means it works on Mac and Windows. The process of uploading supported music is very straightforward:

Next I updated the Amazon MP3 for Android App on my Droid 2 and Motorola Xoom, signed in using my Amazon ID and password and within second, I was listening to the music I uploaded from my iTunes Library.

At least on my Xoom, I’m also able to Download songs locally for offline listening. I haven’t found this option on my Droid 2 but perhaps I just haven’t played with it long enough.

I’m very impressed with the implementation and the ease with which I have access to my music and plan on purchasing music through Amazon.com going forward instead of the iTunes Store.

I highly recommend you give these services a try and please let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.


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Great review, keep ’em coming please. You mentioned that you uploaded music from your iTunes library, was this music purchased from iTunes or music that you had imported into iTunes?

Craig Taylor

March 29, 2011

If you have an ‘always on’ machine at home, you could have a look at subsonic – (http://www.subsonic.org/pages/index.jsp). It streams video too. Works well with my Android devices.

Mark Southee

March 29, 2011

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