On My Tech Radar

On My Tech Radar

by RJ Jacquez

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Kindle App for Android is now Tablet-optimized for Honeycomb

April 22, 2011

I will admit that of the most frustrating things about being an early adopter of the Motorola Xoom is waiting for Android Apps to become fully optimized for Honeycomb.

So whenever I get a notification telling me there are updates for my Apps, I quickly tap on the link and go check them out.

That’s exactly what happened this morning when I was notified that the Kindle for Android app is now optimized for Honeycomb Tablets (i.e. the Motorola Xoom).

I have been testing the new app and find the Honeycomb optimization to be extremely well done. The experience is user-friendly, the navigation is intuitive and overall the app looks gorgeous on the Xoom’s big screen.

Amazon has also integrated the Kindle Store right into the app and browsing for new books is a real pleasure. Buying and trying new samples couldn’t be easier, especially with Amazon’s 1-Click feature.

You can read more about the Kindle app for Android HERE on the Android Market.

Now that Android developers have had time to work with Google’s Honeycomb SDK, I’m optimistic about seeing more Tablet-optimized apps in the next few weeks.

What apps would you most like to see updated for Honeycomb Tablets?


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I too updated to the latest version of the Kindle app and am looking forward to seeing further updates hit the market soon.

I’m hoping that the Jamie Oliver 20 minute recipes gets an update soon.


Craig Taylor

April 22, 2011

Thanks, Craig I appreciate the comment.

I’m looking forward to Twitter being updated, as well as other Social apps like Facebook, etc.


April 22, 2011

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